Pepper Jelly Picks


Liven up your gift giving with this peppy trio. These are tempting on a cracker with cream cheese. Get creative…they are delicious brushed over shrimp, chicken and even bacon! Give the gift that’s sure to excite. 10oz. Mango Habanero, Red Pepper and Jalapeño Pepper jellies are all gift wrapped in a handcrafted white pine crate and embellished with a fabric bow and a seasonal silk flower.

Mango Habenero Jelly - 10 oz

The lush, tropical flavor of the mango combined with a kick of habanero is delicious brushed on grilled shrimp. Use to make salad dressings or serve with cheese and fruits. Starts out sweet and ends with heat!

Red Pepper Jelly 10 oz.

Bright red and full of hot and sweet flavor. Enjoy on crackers with cream cheese. Excellent served with Brie.

Jalapeno Pepper Jelly - 10 oz

This sweet and spicy Jelly is a favorite. Great served on crackers and cream cheese. The perfect balance of sweet and spicy.
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