What Our Customers Say about Us

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Amazing Jams

“Amazing jams, jellies and syrups. The staff are some of the most personable people we have ever met.”

– Dr. Michael W.

Cute Shop

“Cute shop. Amazing jams. The best customer service and friendly.”

– Denise P.

I Could Not Say Enough Good Things

“I have been meaning to write this review for quite some time now and finally was able to do so. I could not say enough good things about these jams and preserves. I love them all especially the almond butter and the wild blackberry jam. The shop keepers are amazing people, which is the best part, because you know they care and make every jam or preserve for you from the heart. Thank you and keep being as great as you are and making these delicious products for everyone to enjoy!”
– Justin B.

One of Our Favorite Places… Inspires Us for Recipes

“This is seriously one of our favorite places to not only stop in for gifts to take home to friends, but also to inspire us for recipes. The flavors are so inspiring, and of course the olallieberry jam… not surprisingly is the most popular item. The jams, the mustards, the staff… we just never have anything but a wonderful experience. The staff is just so helpful, so hospitable and honestly just make us want to come in every single time we come to Mendocino. Thanks again for such a wonderful experience! Cheers!”
– Darlene R.

Don’t Miss this Nice Shop!

“Don’t miss this nice shop on the ocean front street! There is a great assortment of jams and other local products to take home.”
– Jim T.

The Best Sour Cherry Jam I Have Ever Had!

“I stopped in this cute shop over the holidays and I don’t usually buy sour jams, but this place had the best sour cherry jam I have ever had! If you are in the area you definitely need to stop here.”
Catherine A.

A Variety of Wonderfully Delicious Jams and Preserves

“A great variety of wonderfully delicious jams and preserves. Friendly and helpful atmosphere too. Will be sure to shop again in the future!”
–  Annette C.

The Taste Tells You the Quality

“It’s a tradition for us. It’s like going home. It would be impossible to visit Mendocino and not visit the “jam store”! I love to read the ingredients on all the jars… you can actually understand everything! The taste tells you the quality of all their products.”
– Marlene S.

Cute Little Store, Really Good Jam

“We bought a jar of strawberry jam from this cute little store. Maybe a boring choice but one of our favorites. The jam is really good! I also like that I can pronounce everything on the very short ingredient list.”
– Stockton C.A

Loads of Cool Jams

“Small store with friendly service and loads of cool jams.
Definitely try sour cherry jam and loganberry jams, you won’t regret it!!!”
– Haddonfield N.J

The Kind of Shop You Would Expect in Petticoat Junction

“This is the kind of shop you would expect in Petticoat Junction where Kate Bradley would have her shapely virginal daughters” -Billie Jo, Bobbie Jo and Betty Jo – making the preserves by hand in the back of the Shady Rest Hotel …and Uncle Joe …well, Uncle Joe, he’s-a movin’ kinda slow…http://www.youtube.com…

After a brisk walk through the Mendocino Headlands, this little shop is the first place you walk by on Main Street. Normally I’m not drawn to stores that sell jars of sweetness covered with floral print wrapping paper. But I have a feminine side. I call her Shirley. And I cannot be controlled when there are little spoons waiting to dig into jars of jellies and peanut butter. Lots of flavors here. Every berry in the book. Apricot and orange marmalade, too. Fudge sauces and chutneys. ”

Fresh-tasting and flavorful. The crunchy peanut butter is pretty amazing. I bought a 16-oz jar for $6.75 (see my photo). I found out it was just made a couple of day ago, so I don’t even have to refrigerate it until 45 days after I open it. Of course, what would a peanut butter sandwich be without some ollalieberry jam.”
– San Francisco C.A

Peanut Butter is Peanut Butter, Right? WRONG!

“The crunchy peanut butter here is superb. The texture is unlike random store crunchy peanut butter. You feel like you are actually eating peanuts that had their puree stopped midway through the process instead of regular peanut butter with a few chopped up peanuts thrown in. We also loaded up on mustards, rhubarb marmalade and golden balsamic vinegar. The jams were also good, but we’ve been spoiled by Duarte’s ollalieberry jam, so we are hard to please in that arena. btw, genius holder idea for the pretzles used for tastings. I won’t spoil the surprise.”
– San Jose C.A

Absolutely CHARMING!

“The woman who helped us was kind, knowledgeable and so pleasant to talk to during our visit in her store.”
We walked away with the Lemon butter jam. This is goooooooood. Sweet, but not too sweet. Great on some vanilla ice cream or a little simple toast. She even gave me a simple recipe for a dessert using this. Also got the Blackberry Jam and Peanut butter that was so fresh and smooth. Something for everyone.

I suggest hitting the Farmers Market on Fridays 12-2. Get yourself some fresh bread and walk down Main Street for a little something good to spread on it at Mendocino Jams & Preserves.”
– San Jose C.A

Ollieberry Jam… which is to Die For

“Sampled and purchased jams at this charming little store this past weekend. Three days later, we are already 1/2 way through our first jar of ollieberry jam…which is to die for. The jams all taste VERY homemade! Obviously I failed to purchase enough and we won’t be back in Mendocino until September. 🙁 fortunately they have a website…so I can get my olallieberry jam on English Muffin fix!”
– San Mateo C.A