Dessert Lovers Trio


Our Dessert Lovers Trio is sure to please that special someone with a sweet tooth. This assortment features our three Dessert offerings in 9 oz. sizes. Fudge Sauce, Pecan Praline and Chocolate Rum Sauces are all gift wrapped in a handcrafted white pine crate and embellished with a fabric bow and a seasonal silk flower.

Fudge Sauce 9 oz.

Our delicious Fudge Sauce has a devoted fan following! Made with the finest high-grade French chocolate available. Place some in a small microwave safe dish and heat for ten seconds and it's ideal for topping ice cream. For a quick treat, grab a spoon, open a jar and enjoy one of life's simple pleasures. Heavenly!

Praline Pecan Sauce 9 oz.

A taste of the old south, Praline Pecan Sauce was introduced to New Orleans as early as the 1600s by French settlers. Use this delightfully decadent sauce on ice cream, waffles, or try it drizzled on cheesecake. Its also wonderful as a glaze on ham or carrots. Brown and white sugar, butter, vanilla and toasted pecans oh my goodness its gooood!

Chocolate Rum Sauce 9oz.

With its velvety texture and kick of premium Meyer's Rum our Chocolate Rum Sauce is sure to bring a smile. Using the finest French chocolate, we add dark bittersweet chocolate and a hint of French vanilla. Heat in microwave for 10 seconds and enjoy over ice cream or dip your favorite fruit in this rich delectable delight.
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