About Mendocino Jams & Preserves

At Mendocino Jams & Preserves, all our products are made with meticulous attention to quality and cleanliness. We guarantee all our exquisite jams, preserves, dessert sauces, condiments, and chutneys to be consistently pure and delicious.

We use the finest of ingredients…. always…. We select first quality, whole ripe fruit, pure lemon juice, natural fruit pectin, and sugar. (We never use culled or pureed fruit, nor any preservatives or extenders.)

Our sauces, too, feature the finest obtainable ingredients. We use the best chocolate, pure whole dairy cream, real butter, pure vanilla extract, choice quality nuts, and other wholesome and flavorful products. As with our jams there are never any chemical additives of any kind.

We have developed our recipes so that they taste as close to fresh fruit as possible. By cooking our gourmet jams in small batches and using less sugar than most commercially produced jams, we have preserved the true fruit taste.

Our sauces and chutneys also emphasize richness rather than sweetness. The recipes are blended and cooked in such a way that the integrity of each flavor is maintained. One can taste the butter and pure vanilla extract in the Praline Pecan Sauce, the whole, freshly grated ginger root, and fresh garlic in our Chutney. Each flavor is distinct, yet perfectly harmonious with the whole.

All products are cooked in small batches in stainless steel pots. Each batch is tested for quality and flavor. Jams are then poured boiling hot into jars which have been washed and sterilized. The hot jars are sealed with a sterilized platisol lid, creating a vacuum seal which protects the delicate flavors and colors of the jam, ensuring that they will be as flavorful when opened as when they were made. Sauces and Chutneys are also processed in a water bath.

Our standards for quality and cleanliness far exceed those required by law. This is reflected in the unique, compelling flavors, and rare, extremely high-quality products. We make Mendocino Jams and Preserves consistently the best, so that we can be proud to put our name on every jar.