We say Sunshine Flavors, even though our seaward end of Mendocino’s Main Street is often shrouded in morning fog. Inland, away from the Pacific Shore, the mist gives way to clear bright sunlight, perfect for growing the bountiful ingredients of our flavorful jams and condiments.

Our Products are All Natural and Made with Love.

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5 star ratingQuaint with plenty of options A must go every time we come to Mendocino. We usually stock up on the Rhubarb jam, Lime or Apple Butter, Huckleberry, Peach Cobbler.... The list is growing each time we return. We are trying to get new flavors each time, but they range from $10-20 a jar depending on the size. They also sell teas (huckleberry, raspberry, blackberry, etc), mustards, nuts, and a few others.

It's a small shop, with tables set up with samples of the jams, mustards, etc to try. The owners are always very friendly and the views you get from the shop are stunning. Once you're done getting your jams, you can walk across the street to the trails along the bluffs of Mendocino.

BreRachelle Avatar

5 star ratingNo one is talking about the nut butters!! I see reviews galore about the jams, which are quite delicious I might add, but what about the butters? Well let me let you in on a little secret, though a bit pricey the butters are some of the best that I have ever had in the world. My favorite was the pistachio but the cashew worked as a back-up. I used the pistachio with PB&J, smoothies, and mixing with various ice creams. The cashew butter was better with cooking than PB&J sandwiches but it was best if you had a berry type of jam. Whereas, I used the pistachio butter with apricot and other citrus jams and preserves. Stock up. It's best to buy two of each so that you have awhile before you run out. They do ship so that is also an option for individuals that don't live in Nor-Cal.

TravelBunnyBear Avatar

5 star ratingJams worth the price I love to visit this charming little store that features jams, jellies, and condaments made locally on the coast. There are lots of samples to taste and wonderful jams and jellies. My favorite is their sour cherry jam but this time I also purchased a pinot grigio jelly that I'm anxious to try with cheese.

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