Our Very Best to You Gift Box


We selected the three most popular jams in our bestselling 9 oz. size. Our famous Olallieberry, scrumptious Sour Cherry and exquisite Raspberry Jams are nestled in a bed of excelsior in a handcrafted white pine crate. They arrive beautifully gift wrapped with a fabric bow and a seasonal silk flower. The perfect choice when only the best will do!

Olallieberry Jam 9 oz.

Pronounced oh-la-lee berry. Olallieberry Jam is our customers longtime favorite and continues to be our best seller year after year. This unique berry is a hybrid of Blackberry, Youngberry and Loganberry. Originally developed in Oregon it is now mainly grown in Northern California. Similar in appearance to a Blackberry yet longer, it typically measures 1 inch in length. Plump, delicate, and sumptuous, this sweet fruit is at the heart of our delicious Olallieberry Jam.

Sour Cherry Jam 9 oz.

Using the whole fruit our succulent Sour Cherry jam is more sweet than sour. Each jar is packed full of sumptuous cherries. With its inviting rich red color, it will bring back memories of grandma's homemade cherry pie. Cherries are said to have one of the highest amounts of antioxidants of any food. Healthy and yummy...sweet!

Raspberry Jam 9 oz.

You will love our rich red raspberry jam. Using only the finest fruit and made in small 12-quart batches we unlock all the velvety delicious raspberry flavor. Packed full of healthy antioxidants and fiber. Enjoy on your favorite scone, stirred into yogurt or simply a classic PB&J.
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