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  • We start with almonds perfectly roasted in 100% peanut oil then grind them to smooth perfection. Our Almond Butter is not only delicious it's also a very healthy choice! Low in carbs and high in protein this delectable butter also provides healthy fiber. Almond butter delivers antioxidants, magnesium, iron and potassium. Liven up your next PB&J in a deliciously healthy way!
  • Only premium cashews are used in the making of our smooth and slightly sweet Cashew Butter. Roasted in 100% peanut oil the cashews are then ground to creamy perfection. Try this amazing nut butter in smoothies, on ice cream, stirred into oatmeal or on crackers for a quick and tasty snack. Packed with healthy antioxidants, many essential minerals and vitamins such as B1 and B2, this is a treat you'll feel good about.
  • With its deliciously nutty flavor our Pistachio Butter is our best-selling nut butter. Smooth and creamy and full of rich pistachio flavor, our customers tell us this is a “must have” in their pantries. So delicious in a smoothie or try it on cracker with any of our delicious fruit jams (especially Sour Cherry Jam). Our Pistachio Butter is a deliciously decadent treat for the discriminating palate.
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