About Our Quality Process

Finest Quality JamsLots of people talk about quality in their small batch creation of the finest Jams, Jellies, Nut Butters, Preserves, Marmalades and Candies.

Mendocino Jams & Preserves Wins Contests and Awards for it!

As one of the premier producers of gourmet Jams and Preserves in California, and maybe in the United States, although there are a lot of other great producers that care about their work and the products they produce we start with the finest, natural ingredients selected from local growers that we’ve known for years, trust them with our livelihood and have a mutually beneficial relationship that ensures you, our client and the friends you share our goodness with the highest quality product on a consistent basis.

It starts with our Chef hand selecting each batch of raw fruit, nuts and other ingredients directly from our grower.  And believe it or not, our production team inspects each and every berry, nut, and piece of packing we use to deliver the BEST Jams and Preserves directly to your doorstep with consistency.


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